Mobjack Bay Seafood & Ward Oyster Company - Gloucester Virginia

Our Team

Our Team Oysters and clams don’t find their way to your plate without a little help. Here are some Mobjack Bay Seafood’s fantastic staff that make it all possible.  Our team takes pride in our quality seafood.  You can order online or through our distribution center in Gloucester.  Mobjack Bay Seafood of Gloucester Virginia, is […]

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Mobjack Bay Seafoods - Gloucester Virginia - Oysters & Clams for Sale

Buy Oysters & Clams

Kit If you want a complete sample of our seafood, try our kit which contains: 50 Oysters – 50 Clams – Knife & Gloves 174.99 Buy Oysters & Clams You can buy the best Oysters & clams from our online store or directly from Mobjack Bay Seafood in Gloucester Virginia.  We sell quality (sustainable) oysters […]

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We Offer Oysters and Clams for Sale at our distribution center!